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It’s guest player week!

July 19, 2010

It seems that housekeeping is in order around here. I’ve had a few questions from friends, wanting to know exactly how Exquisite Corpse works. And in my typical way of not being the best communicator when it comes to explainations, (it’s why I’ll never teach), I realized that I haven’t shared a clear picture of what this game is about. A bit ironic that this game is played with photography, no?

This week I’ll be posting a FAQ link or pull down, (haven’t figured that out yet), where you will find a clear description of how Exquisite Corpse is played.

I also forgot to mention, (a move across the country will do it to you), that the 4th and 5th weeks of July will have guest players and then regular play resumes again in August, with a second group of players, to mix it up and also give the artists a bit of a creative break.

This week our guest is the lovely Jen, of L’Essence De Moi and please do check back later today, to see her contribution.

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