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Exquisite Corpse Collective is based on the parlor game, cadavre exquis, of creating art in turn. Played in groups of three, the first player would draw an image and then fold over the drawing until just a portion was revealed, guiding the next player where their drawing would begin and so on. Many of the images were based on the human form, but rarely was death or a corpse the actual theme. The collaboration is more about what the previous artist left as a marker, your position in the triptych, (top, middle or bottom), while considering the over-all theme.

Here on Exquisite Corpse Collective we’re playing with photography. Groups of 3 players create a final triptych of  photographs by revealing a sliver of their image for the next player. Most of the image remains hidden, just enough is revealed in the sliver so the next person can begin. Each participant creates their work as an extension of the previous sliver, always basing their photograph on the theme and of course their position of top, middle or bottom in the triptych.

On the first and third Monday of a month, the player in the top position will post a sliver of a full sized image of their choosing. The title of the first player’s image sets the theme, (and title), for the week’s triptych.

When you as the viewer see the sliver on Monday, the theme for the week’s triptych and the person who is starting will have their name in parenthesis. As the week progresses, the artists names are added into the parenthesis so you the viewer, will know who has posted.

On Wednesday, the middle player posts their sliver image and it will be added to the first sliver from Monday, along with their name being added to the title.

On Friday, the final, bottom sliver is added to the previous two slivers completing the triptych of slivers.

The full sized images are revealed the following Monday.


Exquisite Corpse Collective was created by Kristen Perman, a California based fine art photographer.

You can find Kristen on her blog and Twitter and the good old-fashioned way:

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